Maleficent - Custom Nail Set


Image of Maleficent - Custom Nail Set

Mistress of Evil? Maybe....but no less stunning!
Color-shifting chrome, with a splash of black and Swarovski crystals make one hell of an entrance at any party....even if you weren't invited.

Top quality acrylic full nail tips, all hand-painted by Dolly herself and sealed with a high quality UV gel coat. Wear these with adhesive tabs for repeated use, or with nail glue for a one time dazzling look.
(pictured: Long Oval)

Available in 8 different nail shapes and lengths.

Each set comes with:

- 24 hand painted nails in 9 different assorted sizes
- 1 orange stick
- 1 alcohol swab
- 1 mini nail glue
- 1 mini nail file
- 24 adhesive nail tabs
- instructional guide

Please note: Embellishments may fall off with rough wear. To reapply, simply add a pindrop of glue, place and position embellishment, hold for 5 seconds with orange stick. With proper care, these nails can be re-used. The average length of wearing time, will depend on the care and environment the nails endure, as well as any top coat added for additional protection.
If you have any ideas for a unique design, or any questions, please do not hesitate
to ask.

*As these are all hand painted, please allow 7-14 days for completion.